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packing lists you'll love

Packing lists how you want them to be: easy to create, easy to use, editable and always available when you need them.
Generate in a breeze

Use our packing list generator to create individual lists for your trips. Check out all the options here. More to come soon!

Edit to you needs

Add, remove or rename items and categories on the list until it fits your travel needs exactly.

Share it with travelmates

Travelling with others is more fun. Just share your packing list with your travelmates and start packing together

Sync it on all your devices

You can use Packtor on Android and iOS devices (web to come soon). Your lists will be synced - wherever you login.

Reuse or duplicate it

Done with your trip? Unpack your list and be ready for the next. Duplicate your list if you want to make some changes without losing the original.

Love it

We want to take the pain out of packing. Use Packtor and be safe: you will have packed everything you need.

What's your next trip?

What's your next trip?

Family vaccation on Jamaika? Business trip to New York? Backpacking Southeast Asia? Skiing in the mountains? Trekking in Patagonia? Whatever you are up to, whatever you need, Packtor has got the right packing list for you. Just enter your travel specs in the generator and hit the green button. You'll have your individual packing list ready in a second.

Pack what you need, and don't forget a thing - with Packtor!

packing list options

Find out what generator options are already build in. More to come soon...
Anything you miss? Let us know.
Packtor trekking option

Create individual packing lists for your next hiking or trekking trip. Just add the Trekking feature and be sure: You packed everything you´ll need.

Packtor holiday home option

This feature enables you to create an individual checklist for your next holiday in an apartment. Just add it for unlimited use and be sure you won’t forget anything important.

Packtor business trip option

You are a frequently business traveler and need an individual packing list for your next trips? This feature for the packing list generator is exactly the right thing for you.

Packtor camping option

You need a checklist for your next camping trip? Add this feature and let Packtor create a clever packing list for your own special needs.

Packtor hotel option

The classic: if your staying at a real hotel on your trip, this is your best option for a complete list.

Packtor hostel option

Travelling on a shoestring? Get some extra comfort in cheap accommodations with the items on this list.

Packtor holiday option

Going on classic vaccations? With summer, sun, beach and bikini? This is the packing list option for you.

Packtor city trip option

Going on a short trip exploring one of the worlds greatest capitals? This option prepares your luggage for every city in the world.

Packtor backpacking option

This option gives you everything you need for backpacking any country of the world. Don’t forget a thing when you are on the adventure road.

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how it works

We designed Packtor with the user in mind. Everything is easy and intuitive to use. Find out more here:
Packtor How to
The packing list generator
the packing list overview
share your list
your packing list
edit your packing list
public packing lists
create lists
Navigate to "new list" or hit the plus button on your list overview. In the packing list generator select the specs of your next trip. Give it a name and hit the green button. That's it - start packing!
your packing list
This is where the packing.magic happens. Quickly browse through the list and check items as you pack. Longpress or swipe an item or category for more options.
share with you travel mates
Travelling with friend or family? Share your packing list with them and pack together! Swipe the list in your overview to the left to enter the sharing menu.
list overview
From here you can enter your packing lists. Longpress on any list or swipe left for more options.
edit lists
Swipe to the left to delete an item. Long press on an item, category or list for more options like renaming, changing the amount, and more...
public lists
Looking for ideas on what to pack? Browse the public lists of other users. If you like one, add it to your portfolio.

on all your devices

We designed Packtor to run on the platforms you love and stay in sync. For a start it's Android and iOS smartphones or tablets. A browser and windows phone version is in the pipeline and will launch soon.

Packtor on iPad
Packtor on nexus6
Packtor on iPhone6
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Packtor runs on every device


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